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The time has come to look at some numbers. We have been thrust into this state of concern and worry because of how media has, through mass coverage, spread information about the virus.

Yes there is a lot we don't understand or know about the virus that is taking this world by storm. We have been asked to be responsible with our actions in an effort to control the spread.

It has gotten pretty real out there. Rough times. I have never seen anything like this in my life time, and I have been around almost a half century.

It is a very large part of your immune system. It is trillions of living cells that make up the intestinal flora, or the gut microbiota of every person's body.

As we are more and more affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, our stress about being able to survive is getting worse. Are you concerned about what would happen if you were to contract this virus?

Talk of health today, or of anything really, is mostly about the COVID-19 epidemic that has taken us all to a rather unknown place in life. We are so concerned with what we do not know about this illness.

Yesterday I spoke of taking measures in improving your immune system response. Many different theories about the best way to do that exist due to many different ways of thinking. We live in a country where we have a right to our opinions, and that includes how we take care of ourselves.

The foods you eat do more than fill your belly — they also give your body the nutrients it needs to thrive. What you eat can affect how you feel today as well as how you feel years from now.

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