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Habits can come in many different forms. There are good habits, like brushing your teeth everyday, or giving your family good morning hugs. Then, there are the bad habits, like gambling at a casino, or driving too fast.

Never in the history of the world has there ever been such an abrupt stop to everyday life. Events that have shaken us, depleted us, segregated us, or even united us, have never taken us to where we are now.

Brain anatomy can be rather complex. The function of the mind is extremely, and that is putting it lightly, complex. In fact, we hardly understand it. For centuries man has studied the mind trying to figure out all of it's intricacies, and it's vast utilities.

Media is creating the fear factor in all of us. It is alarming how each media outlet is rushing to be the first to report how many cases of the Corona Virus infections and deaths we have so far.

Boredom, fear, uncertainty, stress, despair, sadness, joy, and so many more emotions are dominating our lives today.

I apologize for skipping a day for the second part of this topic. I needed to get the word out that wearing masks should be a requirement for everyone that has to leave their house. Please read yesterday's blog where I write about the crucial step we can take to help stop the spread of the Corona virus.

We got caught with our pants down. Well, at least the government did. By now many people can surmise that officials neither acted fast enough, nor properly for that matter, when becoming aware of the threat of the COVID-19 virus.

I bet most of the world has a much better idea of how to improve their immune system by now. Most of what is recommended with this pandemic is being distant from others and better hygiene, like hand washing repeatedly.

Let's elaborate on that a little. This is a statement that you have probably heard at least a thousand times by now. It certainly seems redundant. I mean who is not interested in doing those very things? It just might not mean exactly what you think it means, well not right now anyway. Today we are faced with a whole new way of looking at just what it means to protect ourselves.

Everywhere you go these days is, I hope, for necessities. I have had to go out to the grocery store numerous times. I don't want to, but of course with all of the overbuying, it is impossible to find the things you need in one trip.

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