All these numbers, but what do they really mean?

All these numbers, but what do they really mean?

All these numbers, but what do they really mean?

All these numbers, but what do they really mean?

Media is creating the fear factor in all of us. It is alarming how each media outlet is rushing to be the first to report how many cases of the Corona Virus infections and deaths we have so far. Is this really what is important to be reporting right now as a headline story? Of course not, but that is what it seems like. Far more important things that media could be doing than to run scare operations. For example, wouldn't you rather know about how many people are following the rules, and how many are refusing to accept this as reality, instead of what they report? It is very sad and unfortunate that so many people around the world have been affected by this pandemic. Those that are sick and dying are just a part of the enormous impact the illness has had on the world. However, we are in a state of panic not because an illness has spread out of control across the world, but because we are hearing of the devastation all the time. I have never been a fan of all the reality TV shows about people's lives and such, but I would even settle for news like that right now. Before COVID-19 entered our lives, we heard about the Kardashian's, Octomom, Housewives, and such all the time in the news. Now all we hear is doom and gloom reporting.

The numbers we are seeing are hard to interpret, as usual. When I took a statistics class in college, I was amazed to learn that statistical figures are not as they seem. Most results of statistical studies are a statistic of a statistic of a statistic. It makes it hard to know if they are talking about an entire group, or a portion of a piece of a group. Sadly, if numbers were straight forward, many consumers would be shocked by the reality. Can we possibly have faith in the numbers we are given to be accurate and revealing? Doesn't seem so. Remember that when you are told something about a product or situation, you may not be getting all of the facts. Many times you are told what they want you to hear. Who are they? Well in cases like this, most if the time it is the media, or the government.

We should search out the truth in things, especially those that could provide better insight. You would see that there are far worse illnesses than the virus we are dealing with now. That other things kill more people. It may be true, but it is hard to compare numbers from disease to disease. It is also hard to compare the symptoms, exposure risk, and prognosis of many things that are of different origins or families. We also can't really tell these things just by seeing what is going on around us. As of now, many people are still behaving like this is no big deal, or that they are exempt from contracting anything. Others are so overly petrified, but because of stories not facts. We cannot be so alarmed, and create more fear by following the numbers the media puts out daily. Remember that many people are being tested now, whereas before, very few were tested. The more we test, the more the numbers will rise, and the more a percentage of deaths will increase. This situation has been going on since December. How many people do you think were never tested and had, or even spread the virus? I would make my best guess and say a lot, and by that I mean A LOT. So where was the panic then? We seem to live nonchalantly until we are smacked in the face with something. We should not forget that pandemics have been around forever. Now that we have such vast and rapid media coverage, it is just working against us to know so much. Even more, to hear so much about things that may be untrue, or stretched is even more damaging to us. It has long been known that scare tactics work to create unrest and panic. Just what motivation could the media have in spreading this panic so widely? What are we supposed to believe when sources of information can be nothing more than a rumor going viral? Get the facts before you react. Facts make understanding much easier to come by.


If you want to hear some numbers that we don't seem to have the media reporting on that should be more significant to us, here are a few:

1. The death rate per year in the US alone of people who die from properly (hmmm?) prescribed medications is 128,000 (2016 study). That's about 2,640 people per week! We are not even talking about non-prescribed or abused drugs.

2. The death rate per year of drug overdoses is 67,367 people. (2018 study)

3. The death rate per year as the result of car accidents is 36,560 people (2018 study), of those deaths 10,511 were DUI related.

4. The death rate per year of suicides is 48,344 people (2018 study)

5. As I mentioned in a previous post, the death rate per year of the common flu is 34,000 people (2018 study). Yet 35 million contracted it that year.

We are so worried about the results we are seeing everyday of the COVID-19 pandemic that other, more alarming causes of death and illness are overlooked. Better yet, they are ignored. Why do we not hear daily of those statistics? It's scare tactics. What I am clueless about is the motivation. But, it is obvious we are being manipulated. My suggestion is to not worry until there is something to worry about. Perhaps another cliche', but I have said it many times before, worry is worthless most of the time. Again, get the facts, but do it from a reputable source, please. Your comadre, or your son-in-law's sister's cousin's aunt are not good sources of information. At least not for this epidemic. The CDC is probably the most reliable source of information about this particular disease because they are leading the country in researching it. Information about this virus is practically non-existent, but we are learning more and more each day. It makes sense to only follow the information and suggestions being put out by leaders in the research. Be careful not to get complacent with this illness. As humans, it is common for us to adjust to something or get accustomed to it when it passes it's novelty stage. Although I believe we need to get with it and comply with the orders to help put an end to this thing, I know we are still far from being safe. Take this opportunity to evaluate your immune response, and seek out those things that will help make it stronger. Read my previous posts for some helpful information on immune system boosting. Be safe, stay home, but wear a mask if you must go out. God bless everyone.

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