Holistic Haven

Whole Body Health Care...Naturally

At Holistic Haven we offer a whole body, all natural approach to health care. Dr. Felix is passionate about getting to the core of each and every person's health challenges. By utilizing techniques that focus on trying to find each body's most significant health challenges, patient goals are many times made easier to reach. The physical body requires care, and maintenance which is why Chiropractic is such an important part of the whole body concept. We consider it important, and  enjoy communicating directly with each patient about the possible causes to conditions, and offering an all natural alternative to addressing those conditions.

Our philosophy is that health care is a constant "work-in-progress," to use a term from our generation. We feel that every aspect of a person's organism is important to think about when trying to find balance in all areas of health. As we continue to evolve with modern discoveries and changes in our food supply, staying informed becomes almost vital to our health care. Going to the doctor and getting answers to questions about our health is what most of us are seeking.  It becomes harder and harder to find a doctor that you are face to face with that wants to get to the main issues and also answer your questions. Here at Holistic Haven we care about all of you, and that includes your opinions and queries about your health.

Make an appointment with Dr. Felix today to find out more about your over-all health concerns and get started now on an all natural healthy lifestyle.

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