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Whole Body Health Care...Naturally

Dr. Fernando A Felix is a Holistic Physician and 2nd generation Chiropractor. Dr. Felix is committed to patient whole body well being, and is passionate about teaching all who seek his guidance anything he has learned about health. After over 15 years in practice, he is continually seeking the best approach to all aspects of health. 

Dr. Felix utilizes techniques such as Contact Reflex Analysis (or a form there of), and Applied Kinesiology, as well as other techniques to evaluate each patient. Chiropractic adjustments and therapies, Nutritional guidance, and supplementation recommendations have become a large part of Dr. Felix's programs. "I feel that we have very little nutrition available in most of the fresh foods that we consume. Plants that offer vegetables and fruits their nutrition, are not given the chance to do so with supply and demand dictating when a product is taken from its nutritional source. Also, there are much fewer nutrients available in the soils that we grow in today due to many environmental factors. So, even a plant can't offer it's products what is expected of it. I feel that then it becomes vital to get the proper guidance in understanding where the next best place to find these necessary nutrients really is. Especially important to have an awareness of the foods we are buying as safety has also become a major concern these days," says Dr. Felix.

"Come on in and together let's find the most effective and safest approach to your health care concerns and to our survival. Oh, and of course I have to mention that none of the statements on this website have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration...yada...yada."